BIG'22 Festival Tickets

Note : Final payment price is inclusive of GST and Convenience fee.

Ticket Details here:

Double occupancy Tent: 3D/3N Tent stay for one person in a double-occupancy tent and includes all workshop, concert, and session access.(If you are a solo traveler you will be allocated with another solo traveler of the same gender). (Rs.8999 + 18% GST and convenience fee per person)

Single Tent: 3D/3N Tent stay for one person in a single-shared tent and includes all workshop, concert, session access. (Rs.10999 +18% GST and convenience fee per person)

Family Tent(with kids): 3D/3N Tent stay for two adults with 1 or 2 kids in a family tent and includes all workshop, concert, session access. Kids above 12 have to take tickets. (Rs.20499+18% GST and convenience fee for two persons)

BIG'22 Music Lineup

Taba Chake | Shanka Tribe | Avi Adir | Fake Tattoos | Ysquar3 | Weird Sounding Dude (anjunadeep) | Easy Wanderlings | Jatayu | Frizzell Dsouza | Shekhar Menon |Bonny Abraham Ensemble | Sacred Seeds |MOH (Merchant of Happiness) | Ninjah(10000 lions) | Petah Sunday (1000lions) | Sanyas-i (10000 lions) | PurpleSky | Teknot | Anicca Project | Sahasra Project | Rash Ahava | Ananthan | NafroDidge and more.

BIG'22 Workshops & Community Sessions


Make Your Own Hemp Paper | Bean to Bar Chocolate Making | Animal Flow | Slack Lining | Conscious Dating | Music Production| Photography | Yoga & Pranayama | Dapostar | DIY Hoop Making | Poi Spinning |Mud Oven Making | Plant Medicine & Spiritual awakening | Cacao Circle | Hand Pan First Touch | Habit Master Class |Slow Spine Movement | Elemental Game & Inter Model Art Therapy | Painting | Voice Workshop | Pottery Workshop | Sound Healing | Acroyoga | Belly Dance Workshop | Foraging & Culinary Session| Clowning Workshop | Miyawaki Forest Planting Drive and many more…

Bloom in green is a 3-day camping festival that revolves around art, music, wellness, sustainability and community. There are over 25+ workshops, 10+ musical performances and a number of community activities, several gaming zones and talks & panels and flea markets. 

Our mission is to transform personal lives into more conscious, creative, and healthy ones. Hence, we call it a transformational festival. The festivals act as a platform for the young crowd to know and learn about good lifestyles, creative arts, body movement, wellness techniques, emerging tech trends, and healthy living in a recreational setting in a celebrative way.


Karloom Entertainments

Established in 2018, Karloom Entertainments is a Bengaluru-based community-centric entertainment company. It aims to change the social gatherings of young adults with a focus on activities that are oriented towards creative and personal development. Karloom Entertainments organises the annual Bloom in Green festival,  several offline and online activities and workshops.

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